Make your Trees Strong

These trees need a wind stress to be strong and so we are. We need problems, stress and difficulties in life to make our faith in Christ stronger. Remember the day when you cry and sincerely pray because you were in pain? Have you felt His presence? #Pray #lovegod #lifeisgood #MemoriesInPecs #Hungary #Abaliget


Long Distance Love

In our long distance married life, we can’t avoid to have doubts, painful expectations and demands in our marriage. I am very emotional and sometimes he complains because of me being so demanding. I know I might cause him to explode sometimes. However, Psalm 89 keeps me grounded as it mentions unfailing love and truth. When truth is ignored, love is compromised. The Bible says we should speak the truth with love – doing so help me to grow more like Christ (Ephesians 4:15). I won’t forget this if I love my husband, I should speak the truth and do it in loving way. I should tell him all my frustrations, hurts, insecurity and pains honestly and lovingly and not shutting him off. #lovingmyhusband #foreverinlove

Itom nga Perlas


Dili ko igsapayan kung sa akong kaitom dili mo man ako makita sa ngitngit,
perlas nga itom man usab ako sa pasipiko–talagsaun,mahalon ug dili mo makuptan sa hingpit.


Do you know how it feels like missing someone?

​I think the hardest part of my life was when I was separated from someone I truly love. When I miss him, all I  can do is to gaze up on this beautiful moon and enjoying its beautiful light, imagining his touch and I tried to emulate when his hands stroking my back, feeling him around me, squeezing me  tight… wondering if he still remember the sweetness of our kiss under that moonlight while it was shining upon us.  I just wondering if he feels the same? Will he be watching the moonlight tonight? I don’t know. But, I hope he feels the same. Only this wonderful moon is the only witness on how much I miss him. As I move further away from him ( being in a long distance love affair),  guided by hurtful and painful feelings that I am no longer with him right  now. I am whispering to the night–please, let him think of me sometimes. (Closing my eyes in prayer and imagining the times we were together)  However, as I open my eyes, I felt the wet on my checks… Just tears falling and feeling so disappointed that he is not here with me.I just miss him.

Do you know how it feels like missing someone you dearly love? Please tell us your story or like us below.